Our Inspiration

We are dedicated to providing children with all the necessary tools they need to get a head start in life.

Our approach to this is inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach; originated in the Italian town of the same name. This ideology means we encourage independent learning. We never tell our children what they can and can't do, what the right way of doing something is or even if some things are possible. We believe that children thrive off of exploration and experimentation. We encourage our children to ask the questions and let their curiosity guide them in their journey of discovery.

"What would happen if I mixed these two colours together?"
"What can I use to build my fort?"
"How high can I stack these blocks?"

One of the main pillars of this approach to learning is using all natural learning resources; such as: sticks, leaves, wooden toys, light/shadow, etc. to help our children understand more about the world around them.

We believe children can accomplish anything with the right support and that is what we are committed to providing.