The Atelier

This is the crown jewel of our establishment.

The word "Atelier" translates from Italian to "Workshop" and is at the centre of our ethos as a nursery. As you may know, we are inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach to childcare; as such we are fully committed to allowing the children to develop their understanding of the world through the arts, encouraging them to explore their environment the way they, as an individual see fit.

Our Atelier is where this magic happens.
It provides children with an outlet to shape and explore their world however they want; with the help of Isabel (our wonderful Atelierista) to help the children realise their ideas and consolidate their understanding of the world around them.

Speaking of Isabel, allow us to formally introduce you to her:

The Atelier

Hello, my name is Isabel.

I have been a part of the EDG Family since 2019 as the Atelierista. I have been working with children for 18 years in various Early Years Settings in London & Spain; I also studied Level 3 Early Years Education at Lambeth College in Clapham. I have been working as a nanny for several years and I have also supported Spanish teachers with their annual Spanish events at Dog Kennel Hill School, as well as some voluntary work, which I still presently do.

I have a passion for the arts; painting, crafts, sports, etc. and believe in alternative methods of teaching, something that is fully supported and encouraged under the Reggio Emilia Approach practiced here at EDG Nursery.